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Review: Jane’s by Benjamin
January 5, 2009, 6:50 pm
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Last weekend we dragged our lazy asses up to Logan Square at an ungodly hour, hoping to beat the crowds at Lula for Sunday brunch, but found that Lula was taking a much deserved winter vacay. We decided to try a spot with a similar rep for fresh, seasonal menu items and headed over to Jane’s on Cortland.

We were seated right away in a small table on an elevated platform by the window–best seat in the house, AFAIAC. One thing we loved about Jane’s was that as soon as we sat down we got a wee loaf of bread and a big pat of sweet butter. Ladieswhobrunch LOVES sweet butter. We were extra hungry after having trekked all over so we both got two courses. The highlight of the whole meal for me was the scone.

Scone, the best breakfast bread?

Scone, the best breakfast bread?

Obviously freshly baked and loaded with raspberries, the scone was buttery and light, not at all like the dry, rock hard ones usually passed of at coffee shops. Most importantly, it was served with a generous ramekin of just whipped cream. I was really pumped at first because I thought it was clotted cream, which I haven’t ever seen outside of the UK, but plain ol’ whipped cream turned out to be a pretty satisfactory condiment. And hey, did you know today is National Whipped Cream Day?

Kyle started out with a bowl of corn chowder.

a winter standby

a winter standby

There was some debate over whether or not this soup counted as a genuine chowder–the general consensus was that it was not creamy enough, probably a sign that it had just been made fresh that morning. It was a great veggie soup, the corn and carrots really held their natural flavors and weren’t overpowered by the broth (is it still broth in a chowder?).

Next was the egg course. One awesome innovation that more restaurants should adopt: Jane’s offers three eggs as the default option with most of its egg dishes. That meant three eggs Benedict:

50% more than competitors

50% more than competitors

and three sunny side up eggs with my Andouille sausage hash.

Andouille Sausage Hash

Andouille Sausage Hash

Eggs Benedict was a major success, eggs were poached perfectly, and the Hollandaise was quite good (Kyle says it could have been more lemony–she would say this about any Hollandaise not from the Medici on 57th). Kyle liked the potatoes, I thought they were perhaps a little dry.

The hash was, I thought, kind of a miss. Because it was Andouille sausage, I expected the dish to be somewhat spicy, but the sausage flavor barely came through at all. The eggs were cooked a little too long on the bottom and the yolks set rather hard, making it tough to mix the yolks in with the hash, which is kind of the point. Maybe they would be better off serving this with poached eggs? Anyway, hot sauce was badly needed to kick up this dish, but none was on the table. Our server came over to check with us right away and fill our coffee, though, so we were able to rectify the situation. Sadly, Jane’s only stocks Tabasco, which will be disastrous for their rating from this blog.

So here’s the breakdown:

-100 points for only Tabasco

+86 points for refills of goooood coffee

+12 for Sugar in the Raw

-2 Kyle doesn’t give a shit about Sugar in the Raw cuz she’s “not a hippie”

-5 for letting 5 people move from one table to another because it was “drafty”

-6 for can we park in front of this church?

-15 points(tabasco kills)X$45 for two diners / (-11, the record low temperature for the date of our visit set in Quemado, NM) = 61.36 points.


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