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Review: Kitsch’n by Benjamin
January 6, 2009, 6:55 am
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We chose Kitsch’n for a farewell brunch with Jstarr before his return to DC. The lobby of the 600 W Chicago building was swarming when we arrived, so we guessed we were in for a long wait. There seemed to be some kind of business meeting or meetup taking place in the restaurant–a lot of people were introducing themselves to each other while waiting for tables. We were quoted a 30 minute wait time and had a seat on some couches in the lobby, conveniently outfitted with their own little lcd tv showing playoff football. We ended up only waiting about 15 minutes to get a booth for 3, not bad for any hot breakfast spot on Sunday, and amazing considering the line outside. All of the booths were outfitted with toasters and little games:

High School Musical Magic 8 Ball w00t!

High School Musical Magic 8 Ball w00t!

We were waited on by two servers in quick succession, and they both seemed a little flustered. I suspect the restaurant was a bit short on staff, but it didn’t effect our experience too much. Kyle and Jstarr both tried out the chipotle Bloody Mary (thumbs up) and I got a cappuccino (thumbs up, not overpriced, thumbs down, I hate cappuccino in regular coffee mugs).

Crab cakes Benedict are pretty hard to resist– it’s a combination of two of the world’s best foods, after all.

crustacean delight

crustacean delight

This is a dish that rarely disappoints us, and this version was pretty yummy. Kitsch’n scores for omitting the English muffin in their version, which is pretty unnecessary with heavily breaded crab cakes (I’m of the school of thought that crab cakes should having lots of panko/bread crumbs–I don’t really care for the lump style cake that is almost all crab meat; if that’s what I wanted I get some legs!).

I had been looking forward to Kitsch’n’s signature Fried Chicken and Waffles all morning.

Is it dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner?

Is it dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner?

The flavors of everything were spot on. I was put off by the fact that it was a boneless chicken breast–I tend to prefer dark meat, marrow and all–but once I started eating I forgot the gripe. The breading had a very similar texture and flavor to Church’s fried chicken, which I like quite a bit, certainly more than other national chicken chains. The waffles were very good as well–but how could you screw up a Belgian waffle? Calling this dish chicken and waffleS is kind of a misnomer, though, because you really only get half a waffle, and I would preferred at least a whole round. The ancho chile honey sauce was good too, smoky sweet without being too spicy, like I suspect chipotle would have been.

Here’s the breakdown:

+ 1 for one hot sauce

+ 8 for one magic eight ball

+ 2 for number of pieces of toast that can be toasted tableside

-30 for having the same number of hosts as waiters

+ 25 for outdoor seating indoors

6 points x $60 for 3 diners (with drinks!) x 1/2 for only half a waffle /6 (number of people crammed onto a table meant for 3 next to us) = 30 points


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